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About Us

The leader in the industry of innovative commercial real estate financing structures.

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Improvement Network Development Partners is a real estate development firm based in San Francisco, California with projects located throughout the United States. We are committed to innovative design, creative financing, intelligent development, and high quality construction. IN Development Partners principals have a combined over 60 years of experience in development, acquisitions, and real estate capital markets.


We appoint professional teams to undertake the design and implementation of each project.


INDP is the leader in innovative financing structure. All areas of incentives are researched and provided at the start of each project.


We embed corporate strategy and operational experience into commercial private equity and fund management for each real estate project.


INDP utilizes relationships with commercial banks, investment firms, and private equity funds to source and fund INDP’s projects.


We are committed to high quality construction and partners with professional who are best in their construction market.


INDP is influential in delivering hotel brands to each market.

Meet The Team

Steve Goodman
Managing Principal

Account monetization of our real estate projects.

Tony DeRusso
Managing Director

Daily account operations and corporate structure.

Lee Hancock
Managing Director

Maximizing performance and value of our portfolio of real estate assets.

Donna DeRusso
Technical Writer

Sourcing for grant & public tax incentives.

Kristina Perry
Executive Administrator

Executive and marketing staff support.

Bev Lodge
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and staff support.